Would Yankees Be Interested in King Felix?

He may not be “King Felix” anymore, but with a change scenery he could probably redeem part of that Cy Young form.


Although he’s on the disable list — but soon returning — the Yankees should be interested in trying to acquire Seattle Mariners ace, Felix Hernandez.

Or…once an ace.

Hernandez was placed on the D.L in April, due to shoulder inflammation.

Now some Yankee fans would say, “why the hell would I want King Fleix? He’s old and done!”

Here’s why:

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VIDEO: Derek Jeter on “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, Talking life after baseball and Aaron Judge

Man, do I miss this guy.

With the New York Yankees retiring the number of their former captain, Derek Jeter, this Sunday night on Mother’s Day, Jeter decided to stop by 30 Rock to pay a visit to his buddy Jimmy Fallon.

Jeter spoke a lot about his life after baseball, his upcoming baby girl with his wife Hannah Jeter and even spoke very well about rookie Aaron Judge, whose been compared to Jeter.

Loved the little video highlight Fallon made for Jeter at the end.

NOTE: Fallon will air sketch he did with Judge, that will televise on Monday. He spoke a little about it around 8:16 — didn’t want to talk much about it. Seems like a surprise.