FBF: Rosie Perez in Every "Soul Train" Appearance

The first dance she does in this video was always the only clip I’ve seen of Rosie Perez dance on Soul Train. But I never knew she did the show multiple times.

And boy, did she have moves.

Miss.Perez has always been an inspiration in my household. Not only for being Puerto Rican, but for making it successful from the streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn – not far from where I grew up, which is the westside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Nowadays you may say, ‘what you mean being from Bushwick; it’s not that bad of an area’, well in today’s day-and-age Bushwick looks semi California. Back then, in the 1980’s and 90’s, it was rough. And for Perez to come out of there and become something is pretty special. Because a lot of Puerto Ricans either stay in place or get into bad things or bad habits. I’ve seen it and see it.

She’s the prototypical Puerto Rican girl, from Brooklyn; the way she looks, acts and talks. Perez’s personality, is like a role a girl would have to act like in a movie, if the character is Puerto Rican from New York. Even Margot Robbie, whose from Australia, had to play a girl from Bay Ridge in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” and she sound similar to Perez, in that true, heavy New York accent.

I got to see a little bit of “Soul Train” in the early to late 90’s; obviously I wish I was an adult to witness Perez dance, but I was an infant at that time. I liked it. It should still be on television. Soul Train came on every Saturday afternoon and we (my family) would all watch it while eating breakfast, lol.

So, I wanted to share this video, for a Flashback Friday. I ran into in the other on Youtube and loved it. Shoutout to the person who put this video together.

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