Will Rubio Ever Be A Knick?

From Ricky Rubio taking off the Timerwolves name from his Twitter profile, to Kristaps Porzingis following him on Twitter; to Rubio’s cryptic tweet, we still don’t know if the rumor — ‘done deal’ trade (if there is such a thing) — of Derrick Rose for Rubio swap, will happen.

We don’t know if this deal is even being discussed. But the rumors and details surrounding this potential trade, seems like…it’s a done deal.

The trade could be already done and are probably holding the official announcement until tomorrow, which is the NBA deadline day.

Who knows, maybe the NBA told the Knicks and Wolves to hold the official announcement until tomorrow, since there won’t be any major trades happening. Knicks acquiring Rubio might be the only deal happening tomorrow.

I prefer Rubio over Rose. Rubio is the type of point-guard we need for this team. Carmelo Anthony and Porzingis is need a facilitating point-guard, instead of the one-dimensional, iso point-guard they have now, in Rose.

I’ve had it with Rose. When he’s on the floor with Courtney Lee, it feels like we have two scoring guards. Then Lee can’t score because he never gets the ball passed to him since Rose never passes and continues to make the same play — driving to the basket — over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, Rose has made some incredible plays driving to the hole, but that’s he all he does. He doesn’t make anyone around him better.

I understand Carmelo Anthony can run the iso-play and dribble too much, but at least he can score various ways on the floor.

Derrick Rose seems like he’s playing for Derrick Rose. Rose seems to have no interaction with his teammates. None. I don’t even see him talk to Melo. Even that time when he randomly left the team, without telling anyone, was strange of him. Imagine if Melo did that…

Now Rubio isn’t much of a scorer, but actually, we don’t need him to score. He can do more by only scoring 10-point with double-digit assist. He can get Melo and Porzingis to score 20-points each, and open the floor for Lee.

Since Melo has been a Knick, he’s never had a facilitating point-guard. The closing the thing he had to a prototypical point-guard was a 39-year-old Jason Kidd. It’s truly amazing how he’s never played with a real point-guard.

Let’s hope Rubio will be his first.

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