Marshawn Lynch Has the Media ALL WRONG

I didn’t expect to join this topic, but all of sudden today, I feel like I gotta have MY SAY on this whole thing.

First off, let me say — Marshawn Lynch is wrong. And those who agree with him, are also, wrong.

And here’s why. Lynch is disrespecting the beat writers and anchors. Those beat writers and anchors he’s talking on front of, are NOT what’s bad about the media. Now, are the corporations they work for, consider to be ‘bad people’? Of course. Some of them, are. Some of them show no soul for stupid reasons.

But those people — the bad ones — aren’t the beat writers and the anchors. There’s no reason to be mad at them. The anchors and writers just work for those people, who are top and are seating at the table, doing criminal activities. They don’t show their faces for a reason. That’s why they send their writers and anchors, instead.

Lynch can’t blame his beliefs, out on the beat writers. Those people are there just to do their job and feed their families. I bet half of them don’t even wanna be in Arizona — but they have to because it’s their job.

This whole thing that he doesn’t ‘have to speak to the media’ is wrong. Yes, he does. He has to do it for this historic event of the Super Bowl and give the those people, who half of them don’t even wanna be there, some respect, while he gets paid millions. And show respect to this sport and this fun week.

Did he sell me his hat? No. Mainly, not because how he acted, I just don’t think it’s a big deal. I mean…I’ve seen nicer New Era caps.

Also, Lynch needs to show respect to the players who WISH they were at the Super Bowl. And would love to take questions from the media.

Some of those beat writers actually admire sports athletes and simply love sports. If you’re Lynch, you gotta look at it from that view as well.

It’s not like Tom Brady doesn’t speak to the media, doesn’t get bashed for it, but when Lynch does it, he gets bad mouthed about it. All players have to do it.

I understand why players don’t like talking to the media after every game, especially after a loss, but I realized something out of this whole Lynch situation — you don’t get paid millions just to play ball. There’s a lot more to it than that.

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