I Feel Yankees Will End Up Cutting A-Rod

Barring how Alex Rodriguez looks in Spring Training — if he comes into March hitting bombs and showing typical A-Rod power — he’ll most likely be cut by the Yankees. And at this age of 39, I don’t see him hitting bombs like he use to.

What would the Yankees want A-Rod to do? Retire. They would want him to retire and leave $64 million dollars on the table. Now, with all the trouble the Yankees have given A-Rod in the past couple of years, how they try to bring him down in every which way, why would he retire?

If you’re Alex Rodriguez and you’re being treated as if you’re the only baseball player whose cheated (not just in baseball but in all sports — ala Patriots), why give these people who’ve treated you like shit, a pass. Fuck them. Make them have to pay every penny of your contract, for the next three years. Especially when you were the best player on the field for the 2009 championship team.

I’m a Yankee fan. I LOVE my Yankees…okay. But the Yankees have been very selfish and very ex-wife-ish throughout this whole process.

If I’m the Yankees, and I want A-Rod to retire, I’m gonna do it in the most professional and nicest way. I’m gonna be A-Rod’s BEST friend, while try talking him into retiring. Because, you know, there ARE ways to get rid of someone in a nice way — unless you’re a hitman or a mobster. Yankees can sweet talk A-Rod out of his contract, if they were on his side the whole time, instead of stupidly try to bring him down. I’m sure he’d listen if they talk him about hanging it up. And he’d understand. A-Rod gets reality; he’s a real dude. Actually he acts almost too real — that’s why he gets into too much trouble.

But why? Why do they hate A-Rod so much? Is steroids the reason? By using performance enhancing drugs, all he’s doing is helping the team. That’s really what he was doing. Helping us win.

He wasn’t having sex with little boys in the shower — I’m sure if he did that, we probably wouldn’t know until ten years later after the children are mentally tarnished. Oh wait…he would’ve been accused earlier since he’s spanish.

He wasn’t smacking his kids with switches, like it’s the 1920s.

I never heard A-Rod drugging up women’s drinks, just so he can rape them.

I didn’t see him punch his girlfriend out and knockout her cold in an elevator.

All A-Rod did was do steroids. To help the team. Doing steroids to help the team win another title. Doing Steroids to help the Yankees not stand on a ledge somewhere, for re-signing him — and making them think it was a good idea for re-signing him.

You know, I sometimes think if A-Rod was an ugly guy, he’d be treated better. As a country, I really do feel we’re that insecure and immature. I do. Almost all rich corporations are like the movie “Mean Girls”.

All A-Rod was doing was helping the team! Helping everybody! But rich Americans don’t like to see someone beneath them, help one another…. That’s just FACTS!

So, all that being said, I see the Yankees cutting A-Rod. Because really — what’s $64 million to the Yankees. A-Rod already took half billion of it from them and, AT LEAST, he won a title. Or HELP win a title for the Yankees.

Me personality, I would like to see A-Rod play well. Because the Yankees need a right-handed bat. After the Martin Prado trade, they don’t have a pure right-handed bat, who threatens lefty pitchers.

We’ll see, come March. If A-Rod looks like A-Rod, he’ll stay. But he looks like a 39-year old baseball player whose has two hip surgeries, he’ll be cut.

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