Jennifer Aniston Brings up Great Point at GG Red Carpet

As I was waiting for the Golden Globes to begin, I watched the E! Red Carpet event. Seeing celebrity after celebrity being stopped and interviewed for their dress/suit designer, actress Jennifer Aniston was one of those celebrities I got to see speak and had me interested about what she said.

No, the name of Aniston’s dress didn’t get me interested — it was what she said about her nominated movie “Cake”, and how she had to felt she always to play a more seriously to be taken seriously. Watch the video:

We all know there are certain types of movies that never get nominated for an Oscar, or a role an actress/actor plays that might not be serious enough to be nominated. And it’s unfair. I understand roles in an “Anchorman 2” or “The Equalizer” can’t be nominated, but there are great roles played by actors/actresses, in movies that aren’t ‘beautifully storied’ or made too many people laugh, to be taken seriously for the Hollywood Press. That needs to change.

Ironically, Aniston is actually the perfect example to this issue in Hollywood. Her 2006 movie, “The Break-Up”, was, to my estimation, her BEST acting performance. Not only it was Aniston’s best acting performance I’ve ever seen, it was the best acting I’ve ever seen in a mediocre-style movie, or a movie that wouldn’t be taken seriously in Hollywood.

Aniston starred with actor Vince Vaughn, who played her boyfriend. Vaughn was also very solid in his role. Though Aniston was really good. And the story of “The Break-Up” is a good one. It’s a simple story and a story that actually happens, in an everyday life with guys and girls. But the story is not the point — it’s about the role the actress played.

Aniston played that role so authentically in “The Break-Up”, that it’s almost impossible for any actress to play that role better. She should’ve been nominated for a Golden Globe or Academy Award for that performance. And the sad part is she actually did win an award for that movie — a “Teen Choice Award”, that is. Terrible.

It’s unfair to waste great acting performances like Aniston’s in “The Break-up”. So, Aniston, if you’re reading this, you were taken seriously a long time ago. 

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