Knicks Need to get Kawhi Leonard in 2015

Watching ESPN’s “First Take” – listening to Stephen A. Smith say the New York Knicks have to go into the offseason focusing on signing two of three free agent players he mentions. Which were Marc Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard.

Gasol is someone I really like. Aldridge – not sure he Carmelo Anthony can player together. But I would love (repeat: LOVE) to get Leonard in a Knick uniform.

I entertained myself with the idea of Leonard coming to New York, even though he’s a restricted free agent, I felt…maybe there’s a chance he could come here, but why would anyone want to leave the San Antonio Spurs and that great organization? So, I kinda put that thought away.

But listening to (Stephen A.) Smith this morning, he motivated me to believing there’s a chance Leonard could come to New York this offseason. Smith also explained how Leonard is a little upset with the Spurs organization, by them not offering him the max deal in an extension.

Then I started to think of another reason why should Leonard sign with the Knicks this offseason. What would really entice him from leaving a golden franchise like the Spurs, to come to the Knicks — who’ve been…well…un-Spurs like for the past decade…

Until I realized that, if he won A championship in New York, he’d be a major figure in New York for the next fifth-teen years.

If Leonard, at 23-years old, wins a title with the Knicks, he’ll probably be the next face of New York sports. And with (Carmelo) Anthony having four years left in his contract, and by then Antony would probably leave or retire or not be the same player at 34, this would be Leonard’s team — because he’ll only 27 in the four years. He’ll still be young.

That being said, I don’t think Spurs will ever let him go, but why not he think to himself: hey, if I go to New York, win a title, I’m gonna be one of the biggest sports figures in New York. I’d be Mark Messier since I already won a title, or maybe even bigger.

Sure, the Spurs can offer Leonard more money than the Knicks, but Leonard would get so many sponsors in New York City, he’ll make up for the money that he left on the table from the Spurs.

It’s not impossible for Leonard to win immediately with Anthony in New York. He’d actually help Anthony, since he’ll basically be his Scottie Pippen. He’ll make the extra pass, the rebounds, while Anthony scores.

Anthony-Leonard duo fits and makes a lot more sense than an Anthony-Aldridge combo. Aldridge would be in Anthony’s way all the time. Also, he’s nearly the same age as Anthony. Rather Melo play with someone younger and quicker.

If the Knicks can get Leonard and (Marc) Gasol, I can’t see why they wouldn’t be able to win right away. Maybe not a championship, but I could see a eastern conference finals appearance. The east isn’t all that dominant, you know…

Leonard to New York? Should be the no.1 thing-to-do on the Knicks list, come the summer of 2015.

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