Top-7 Sports Stories to look for in 2015

All I could think of is seven… Sorry, I couldn’t find three more stories. Alright!? Sorry!

As we look forward in sports for 2015, there’s gonna be lots of changes, new teams, new coaches and (hopefully) one mega event that we’ve long awaited for… And I think you know what event talking about.

7. Jeter-less Yankees?

Every Yankee fan thought it’d be strange not seeing Mariano Rivera not come out of that bullpen, anymore. How about not seeing no.2 at short, anymore!

The Yankees will be fine, with newly acquired Didi Gregorius taking over Derek Jeter’s 20-year job. But the core four is gone for good. There’s gonna be a new core in the Bronx, come 2015. Or a growing one.

It’ll be the first time in nineteen-years, the Yankees won’t have a player from the 1996 team anymore. Amazing…

6. Lester, Maddon and the 2015 Cubs

First time in a while we’ve see the Chicago Cubs make some pretty bold moves in the offseason. When you own a baseball team and sign manager Joe Maddon and sign ace pitcher Jon Lester, that means you wanna make things happen.

I’m fascinated to see what the Cubs have in-store this upcoming season. Don’t think a big, postseason run will happen in 2015, but in 2016 and the future, you sure will see big things happen — FINALLY — in Wrigley Field.

5. Jim Harbaugh the Coach of Michigan?

This topic was suppose to ‘Where Will Harbaugh Coach?’ But after today’s news on him signing an agreement with Michigan…plans changed!

Interesting to see one of those most successful coaches in the NFL for the past couple years, in championship games and a Super Bowl, coach a college team. The difference between college and the NFL: T.V/Money vs Real Pride for the game of football.

4. Can Peyton Manning Get His Second Super Bowl Ring?

Like everyone says, ‘all Peyton Manning needs is one more ring, to stamp himself as the greatest quarterback of all-time.’

Came close to last year in the Super Bowl, but the Denver Broncos has their hearts broken, smashed and spit on at Met Life Stadium, in Super Bowl 48.

Will Manning redeem himself? As a Giant fan, I would love to see it.

3. Let the Phil Jackson Era Begin

This is it! The Phil Jackson era in New York City will officially begin in the 2015 offseason. With money to spend, big players on the market and possibly a high draft pick, we’re gonna see how the Zen Master really operates.

As a Knick fan, this will interest me to the fullest.

2. Can LeBron James lead Cleveland to a Title?

LeBron James didn’t have to go back to Cleveland. But he did for a reason. He wants to win his city, he grew up in, a championship.

I don’t know if the Cavs and James can win a title this season, though it’s gonna be interested to see how LeBron prospers from being, sorta, the underdog in the playoffs.

1. Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Are we finally going to see this!?

For the first time, the talks of a deal between a Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight, look realistic. When we would hear talks about this fight happening in the past, no one believed it. Now this time around, it really feels like it’s gonna happen in 2015.

Personally, this will be the biggest sports event, in years. If this fight happens on May 2nd, you’re talking about great weather, Saturday Night; two things that will get people to buy this, or go to bars and have parties in their household for this fight — there will be an excitement in the air on May 2nd, if this fight happens.

This fight has to happen in 2015.

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