10-1: Top Songs of 2014

Not sure if “Flawless” was more 2013 than 2014 — but fuck it! It’s already on the list! And I think it’s a 2014 hit; and a BIG one. How many times have we heard “I woke up like this” this year? 
No question, one of the biggest rap songs of 2014. Wiz Khalifa exploded with “We Dem Boyz”, this year.

“Fancy” got tiresome, after a while. But boy, was it a big hit got Iggy Azalea. It made her. She was the Macklemore of 2014. But I don’t know who sold the song? Iggy or Charli XCX? 

Katy Perry’s Dark Horse was released late 2013, but you have to added in 2014’s biggest hits. Perry is so damn consistent. She’s a machine. 

Some may put “Problem” as Ariana Grande’s big hit for this year, though I thought “Break Free” was so much better; “Break Free” was Grande’s song of saying: she’s here and she’s not going anywhere. “Problem” was great, but “Break Free” broke out for Ariana in 2014.

Who doesn’t like Sam Smith? It’s almost impossible not to like him. And his “Stay With Me” hit touched everyone this year. The Boy George of 2010’s? We’ll see. What a talent, Smith is. 
My cousin introduced me to Sia’s “Chandler” in the summer, and was blown away. What a voice. Hard to have a better voice than Sia. 
Now…a song FOR THE MEN! Chris Brown’s “Loyal” is a song for us men, who had a girl that…….wasn’t loyal! Not gonna say a hoe. Just…wasn’t loyal! Big song in 14′. One of the many on Brown’s historic list of songs. 

When I first heard “Drunk In Love” and say Beyonce perform it at the Grammys this year, I knew right away it was gonna be one of the main songs of 2014. Beyonce and Jay-Z can capture you with their magic.  

When I first heard “Drunk In Love” I knew it was gonna be a major song this year, but when I heard Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” — it just had song-of-the-year written all over it. “Happy” is 2014. The vibration it has is too big not listed as no.1. It entered 2014 early and caps it off t’ll the end. 

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