Prediction: Starlin Castro is the next Yankee SS in 2015

I haven’t done one of these prediction ‘things’ in a while. But I decided to predict one on the biggest question marks in baseball this offseason and the biggest search the New York Yankees haven’t had to deal with for over twenty years.

Yes — I’m predicting that current Chicago Cubs shortstop, Starlin Castro, will be on the Yankees opening day roster. Why do I believe this, you may say? Well, let me give you a couple reasons why.


– In the middle of last season in July, when the Yankees and Chicago Cubs had serious discussions on the Yankees trying to land starting pitchers Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, the Cubs liked the Yankees’ prospects. So much, where the Cubs called the Yankees several times in the process.

The deal didn’t go through because the Cubs wanted the Oakland Athletics top prospect shortstop, Addison Russell — which they got. And which’s why — I believe — the Cubs are looking to trade Castro.

I remember Brian Cashman talking about the talks between he and the Cubs, saying that he(Cashman) was willing to give up a significant package for Samardzija and Hammel.

You’d have to think the Yankees and Cubs gain a good relationship.


– Cubs need a catcher. The Yankees have a bevy of young catchers in their system they’re looking to trade. That’s why I thought if Russell Martin doesn’t sign with the Cubs, Yankees could have a chance at getting Castro, since they have a lot of catching prospects.

The one catcher the Cubs might be very interested from the Yankees farm is 21-year old Gary Sanchez. I would’ve love to have him on the Yankees, but they have Brian McCann locked up.

John Ryan Murphy is another young, Yankee catcher that’s been praised heavily by scouts.

Castro Has The Perfect Resume

He’s 24-years old; controlled for six years, making only $60 million in those years; Castro has been very consistent in his four years in the bigs, averaging 10-14 homeruns a year, can get up to 70 runs batted in, and can hit for an high average.

          HR   RBI    BA   OBP     H
2010    3      41   .300    .347   139
2011   10     66   .307    .341   207
2012   14     78   .283    .283   183
2013   10     44   .245    .284   163
2014   14     65   .292    .339   154

Castro’s been very healthy in his career, as well. He’s played over 160-games in two season and in 2012 he played 162.

At 24, he’s already a three-time all-star.

Bottom line: He’s really what the Yankees need. Everyone talks about the Yankees needing to get younger — well, this is their chance to do that. Castro can grow with the young, up-incoming core.

The Bombers want a big name, establish shortstop. By doing the process of elimination to the options at short, Castro becomes to most realistic, big name for the Yankees. Troy Tulowitzki is a big risk, Alexei Ramirez could be a Yankee but the White Sox asking price could be high and the others shortstop options are either too old or making too much money.

Castro can hit third on the Yankees lineup. And he’d be well protected with Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann batting behind him and get more runs batted in with Jacoby Ellsbury and Martin Prado batting on front of him. His numbers can get ever better with the Yankees.

Yankees could have pitching to trade, as well. If they sign free agent starting pitcher Max Scherzer and re-sign pitcher Brandon McCarthy, they have starters to trade. But the question is, would they trade a pitcher like Michael Pineda. Pineda for Castro. Personally, I would be timid to do the deal because I really like Pineda, but if you can get a young, offensive shortstop like Castro….I think you’d have to do it.

So I’m predicting the next shortstop for the Yankees will be Starlin Castro. And if it doesn’t happen, I will retire from the predictions…thing – whatever.

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