If Mets get Cespedes, They’ll Win the East

With the Boston Red Sox starting off their offseason with a band, by signing Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, baseball insiders are expecting the Red Sox to move either Yoenis Cespedes and Xander Bogaerts to be dealt.

If you’re the New York Mets organization, or Met GM Sandy Alderson, you better be interested in either or both, Bogaerts and Cespedes.

Mets should focus on Cespedes more, than Bogaerts. They’d love to have Bogaerts, but Cespedes is the type of hitter the Mets are looking for. He’s an offensive player that changes any lineup. Look how good he made the Oakland Athletics hitters. Then when he left, you saw what happened.

If the Mets can land Cespedes and an above average shortstop — doesn’t have to an all-star — with Michael Cuddyer, Curtis Granderson, Lucas Duda and David Wright, the Mets can be a serious threat in the N.L East next season. And I’m not being New York bias when I said that, they will be heavy contenders to win that division. Besides to the Washington Nationals, who else is a threat in that division? No one!

How Much Would Cespedes Cost The Mets?

Zack Wheeler. That’s it. I don’t think they’d have to give up much since he’s an expiring contract. Sure, the Mets can throw in another arm since they’re so pitching-rich. There’s a chance the Red Sox might want someone a little more establish, like a Cole Hamels or Johnny Cueto, but I can’t see those teams giving pieces like that for a player whose gonna be a free agent next year.

Can The Mets Ask For Bogaerts, Too?

Why not!? The Mets have so much pitching to trade, why not offer the Red Sox some more for Bogaerts. And if the Mets ever got Bogaerts, they’re offense and offseason is SET!

Mets Should Extend Cespedes, If They Acquire Him

Lock him up, right away. He’s a player they need for the next couple of years; a player they’re looking for. At age 29, Cespedes can loved like Mike Piazza was, in Queens.

Mets Need To Wake Up

The Wilpons and Alderson need to give the fans what they want. I understand acquiring Cespedes in a trade won’t be easy. But they need to try. This is a big opportunity to get one of the best right-handed bats in the league, to Citi Field. They have the prospects to do it.

Cespedes is probably all the Mets need to be good, next season. Hell, they can put Ruben Tejada at short if they got Cespedes — that’s how much he can change the landscape of this lineup.

The Mets have lacked that one, big power juggernaut of a bat since Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado. Ever since then, they could never get that big bat back to Queens.

Saying it right now — if the Mets get Cespedes, they’ll win the N.L East next season. Bank it!

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