Celeb Photoshop: Jordan 1 Fragment on Feet

To my estimation, the hottest Air Jordan 1 OGs to be released this year.

Air Jordan 1 OG “Fragment” were recently showcased in an event in Tokyo by a designer named Hiroshi Fujiwara.

These Jordan 1’s have such a limited look to them. They don’t look like typical retro. The Fragments have a very fashionable design to them, with clean colors like black and blue, and not being so busy and overdone, like other retro Jordans are. It’s a clean, urban, edgy, rich look.

I loved the look/design so much, I decided to do my usual photoshoping Jordans on the feet of celebs.

These Jordan 1 OGs are schedule to release on December 27th of this year.

Now, the celebrities I picked to photoshop the Fragments on, had the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” originally on. Just switched the colors.

On my first pic, I have rapper Jay-Z (with Beyonce) photoshopped with the Fragments. Showing that if you’re still old school like Jigga, who still rock the baggy jeans, the Fragments still look pretty dope.

The second Jay-Z photo, it’s kinda hard to see his feet, but it’s the only second photo I can find with him wearing the “Black Toes”. 
On my second celeb, I have rapper Macklemore wearing the Fragments, and probably sold me the most on possibly buying them, since his style is something of clothing is what I am more accustom to.
With some black fitted jeans, the Fragments look simple and cool. 
And for all my ladies, if you’re interested in getting the Fragments, Rihanna has the clearest view of them.

 Rihanna had great photos of wearing the “Black Toes” which made it easier for me to photoshop.

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