#TBT Music Video of the Day…

Blondie – “Heart Of Glass” 1970s 
I had to put another Debbie Harry video as my TBT Music Video of the Day. Those eyes did it to me.
This isn’t the official video of “Heart Of Glass”. I guess it’s another video Blondie did for this song, way back. It’s almost like if AOL was around in that time, this video would’ve been like those AOL music video session, where the artist performs at the AOL studio. 
Even though, I like this video better, than the original.

Can you get anymore hotter than Harry? Nowadays, a lot girl artist sell sex and sex only. Harry sold sex, but she also sold TALENT. This is the type of voice you’re not gonna find in “American Idol” or the “X-Factor” or on “The Voice” — main reason for that is because they’re looking for a ‘Whitney Houston’ voice. Which is hard to find, but easy to tell who has it.

If Harry was a contestant on one of these singing shows today, she wouldn’t get pass the first round. She needs a certain beat and wave to sing, and sound good. That’s the type of vocals that’s hard to find. Anyone could find someone who can sing and raise their voice. Though in reality, a voice like Debbie Harry are the ones who really become rockstars.

Of course, Harry’s look was part of her success. If there was any female artists today who sells more of their looks than their music, it would have to be Rihanna. Like Harry, Rihanna has that animal look. Although, Harry had for of self sureness or confidence on stage, than Rihanna. Much more free — and more sexier.

The one person I compared her talent in music, to anyone in today’s generation, is Lorde. Lorde doesn’t sell sex, but she has that seductive look and can perform that combination of pop and punk rock. Like Harry, Lorde can either go pop or punk rock. 

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