"Champions Revealed: San Antonio Spurs" is Excellent

Today I had NBA.TV on and saw a clip of Tim Duncan getting drafted in 1997. Then, it showed Duncan talking with Gregg Popovich, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker — like you see above on the photo. I said to myself: ‘Hmm… This is interesting’. Though, didn’t think much of it.

But then, I kept watching. Kept watching t’ll it ended — because “Champions Revealed: San Antonio Spurs” on the NBA channel was so good, it made me want to become a Spurs fan.

Not even a Spurs or NBA fan — if you’re a sports fan in general, you need to watch this. It was outstanding. Like I said it’s called “Champions Revealed: San Antonio Spurs” and it’s on NBA.TV. And I’m not plugging anything, nor do I get paid to (I wish); nor do I ever plug anything on my site. But this was so good, I advise anyone to see it.

I didn’t even expect to like it so much. I had to record it.

It was just Duncan, Popovich, Parker and Ginobili, reflecting on how they became a Spur and how they were judged when they first came into the league. Duncan, Parker and Ginibili also talk about their close relationship with Popovich.

It was great because they weren’t being interviewed by anyone. They were just asking each other questions. It made it fun since their relationship with one another is so amazing, that wasn’t just any old boring interview.

Watching “Champions Revealed”, what I learned about the Spurs is that they’re not just a great team — they’re a family. That’s how close they are. Popovich is like a pop, to these guys. I gain more of a liking to Popovich from this show. You see more of a different side to him. He’s a coach who truly loves to teach players and teaches how to love one another. He’s a one of a kind individual.

I never seen a great team that had this type of love for each other. Maybe the Chicago Bulls had it and I never knew about it. As a New York Yankee fan, I know the Yankee championship teams were close, but not like this. This Spur core have something special with one another.

Even as a Knicks fan, it made truly respect what the San Antonio Spurs are about.

This show is a must see.

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