Game 5 Won’t Decide Who Wins

After Game 1, I felt: Welp, the San Francisco Giants can’t lose in the World Series. Too much experience.

After Game 2: Can’t sleep on the Kansas City Royals, they’re resilient. They will not go away.

After Game 3: The Giants may be in trouble and this could be the Royals’ year.

In Game 4, I literally had two different outcomes. When the Royals scored 3 runs in the 3rd inning, having a 4-1 lead, I legit thought the Royals were going to win this series. I felt, everything was going too much their way. When there’s a team in the MLB postseason getting contributions from everyone and getting lucky plays/calls, you immediately know the baseball gods is on their side and there’s no one stopping them.

But being navie that it was only the top 3rd and forgetting what the San Francisco Giants are all about, the Giants come back and win this game 11-4. Now, I’m not totally on the Giants or Royals bandwagon. I’m on the: ‘I have no fucking clue whose gonna win this series’ bandwagon. And you know what? That’s a good thing if you’re a baseball fan.

I have no clue whose gonna win this series. I’m now in the belief that it’ll go seven games.

I think the Giants will win later tonight, lead the series at 3-2, then the Royals definitely win Game 6, to push for a 7th game. I really see that happening.

Even if the Royals win tonight, I still think it can go seven games — because I think the Giants will find a way to win that Game 6 at Kansas City.

Though if I had to pick who looks like the better team, it’s the Giants. Even the games they’ve lost, like iGame 3, they didn’t look bad since they lost a one-run game with only giving up 3 runs.

Whoever wins this series, will win it by starting pitching. Whichever team’s starters hands the ball to the backend of the bullpen, will win this series. Because if you notice, when either team loses, it’s by their starter not going deep into the game. Besides Game 3, which was a low scoring affair, the games won were by how far the starters went. And if the starter goes – at least – 6-innings, the backend bullpen takes over; and so far both teams have had an unhittable backend relief.

Both teams need to find a way to win two more games, with their pitcher going 6-innings, the most. That’s all. Their great bullpen will takeover.

The Giants and Royals are a very even team. That’s why I see this World Series going seven games. Both have strong backend relief, clutch offenses and a resilient all around team. These two teams do not give up; they’re fighting and battling to get this.

But there’s really no, really, clear advantage of whose gonna win this series. You say the Giants because of their experience, although they are older and the Royals seem to have plenty of more ways to win and ton of more power than the Giants do.

Game 5 does not decide who wins this series. Not at all. The only prediction I have is, this is going seven games.

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