#TBT Music Video of the Day…

Michael Jackson – “Remember The Time” Rehearsal from 1992

This was a rehearsal for Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous World Tour” concert.

I’ve already done a “Remember The Time” song as my Throwback Thursday Music Video before, but I used the official video. Now I’m using the rehearsal. Why am I doing it again? Because this is different than the official song! That’s why! And I like the song!

Although there are other reasons why I picked this song again and it’s because Jackson rarely performed this song on live stage. The only time he performed it was at the “Soul Train Awards” in ’93, and he injured his foot and couldn’t dance to it. He basically sat on a chair and performed the song sitting down. Lol. So this is the only video where I saw him perform this song on stage.

“Remember The Time” is one of my favorites of Jackson. It’s actually a song that was released when I was around. I saw when the official video when it first aired on television. It’s also my favorite choreography — loved the egyptian style of dance moves.

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