NY Giants: Fundamental Mistakes Turn Into Loss

Oh Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks, where have you gone… Your old championship teammate needs you.

It’s not Eli Manning or Tom Coughlin’s fault to why the New York Football Giants have started the season 0-2. It’s the team not executing.

And it’s the little things, like in today’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, where Zack Bowman JUST misses Ted Ginn Jr., who passes by Bowman for a 29-yard touchdown return punt, that put the Cardinals ahead.

Then the fumbles came; Quintin Demps fumbles a kickoff return, then another fumble (the big one) came from Rashad Jennings who after catching a swing pass, falls down and fumbles at the Cardinals 15. That fumble pretty much lost it for the Giants.

After that, passes were being dropped. Victor Cruz dropping a costly third down pass, that would’ve completed a first down.

Yes, the Cardinals defense was very good, but the Giants should’ve won that game. I could understand losing the Detroit Lion game on Monday, but the Cardinals didn’t have Carson Palmer starting today and the Giants had makable plays that could’ve won the game.

The positive to take from today, and it’s a big one, was Manning looking a lot sharper in week two. Completing a lot more passes and making risky, gutsy throws. When Manning is making those risky throws, you know he’s feeling good. Manning finished with 2 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and 277 yards.

Another positive is Cruz making some big catches, as he starts to break in the season.

Next Sunday, they’ll see the Houston Texans at home, who defeated the Oakland Raiders today, 30-14, and are 2-0 to start the season.

Giants don’t wanna start the season 0-3… Or 0-6, like last season.

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