Yankees Just Have to Win Their Games

I shouldn’t get hyped for one win in a three-game series against the Houston Astros, at home, but the New York Yankees manage to stay 4-games back in the second wild card, after all that’s happened. There’s hope.

Comes to show you how bad the other teams are in the American League. The Yankees are basically hanging by a thread of clothing in this playoff race and they’re only 4-games out. It may look bad because the Yankees are not playing well, but if they can somehow get red hot toward the end of August and into September, they can make it.

I know the Detroit Tigers are in the wild card, who are a significant team and can still take off any moment; and if they do take off, the Yankees could most likely be done. Although, the thing I noticed about the Tigers when they showed up to play the Yankees in the Bronx (a couple of weeks ago), that if Miguel Cabrera is not hitting well, their offense isn’t all that great. Not impossible for them to fall off.

So, the Yankees have to win their games. If they can win the series they’re suppose to, they can seriously gain games on the Tigers.

This is a big, big, big weekend for both the Yankees and Tigers. Yankees have a three-game series against the Chicago White Sox, with Chris Sale pitching Sunday and the Tigers have a four-game series on the road, against the Minnesota Twins this weekend, with a day-night double header on Saturday.

If the Yankees and Tigers come out alive after this weekend, their three-game series next week at Comerica Park is gonna be huge. It’s gonna be a monstrous series and week for the Yankees, as well. Because before the Tiger series, they go to Kansas City to face the hot Royals for a one game makeup from June. Then after the Tiger series, they go to Toronto to play the Blue Jays, to finish the month of August.

Sure I would’ve liked the Yankees to sweep the Astros and be (probably) 3-games back instead of 4. But, you know what, I look at it differently. If the American League is that bad, then I rather gain games or get sole possession of the second wild card in September. Why gain it now when I know they’re gonna lose ground again. Might as well get hot in September. Like the Royals — no one saw that coming.

I think everyone has noticed how the standings change from week to week. A team can go from being a half game out, to 5-games out. Just don’t wanna go anything further than 5.

This weekend is gonna be the make or break series for the Yankees. And if they were to lose one game against the White Sox, let it be Sunday against Chris Sale. Not the first two.

Yankees have pitched really well. Besides David Robertson being a little shaky, their pitching has been the strength — they just can’t hit. They can’t seem to get that big homerun or hit with runners on base that puts them over the top.

This offense still hasn’t clicked yet and they’ve managed to stay in this playoff hunt. Something’s gotta give. Yankees can’t just let this opportunity roll over them. It’s August 21st — still plenty of games left and this team still has plenty of players who can help make a big run.

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