David Price could be Traded to Yankees, in Offseason

Of course, he would have to shave his beard… But let’s imagine it’s not there.

Don’t be shocked if the Detroit Tigers trade David Price, this offseason. Main reason is: I don’t think Price is re-signing with Detroit.

Sure, there’s more of a chance the Tigers will keep him and go for it next season. But with the team suddenly struggling and could somehow miss the playoffs, they might just trade Price in the offseason for prospects.

And yes, the one team that’d be interested in acquiring Price, are the New York Yankees. The Yankees will not only be in search for a front of the rotation starter, but a lefty.

The Yankees have to begin their search for the replacement of C.C Sabathia. I know Sabathia is returning next season, but let’s face it, he’s not gonna be what he once was, anymore. He’s probably toward to end of his career.

I always thought Price as the perfect, lefty, ace, workhorse pitcher, that would eventually replace Sabathia on the Yankees. Price obviously knows the A.L East, he’s pitched in big playoff games, he’ll get deep into games and he’s a great clubhouse guy — probably the best in all of baseball in having a great personality.

Derek Jeter is part of the Jordan Brand family — that also includes New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. Price is also in the Jordan Brand family, as well. Once Jeter retires, Michael Jordan would want a big name Yankee to advertise his brand in the Bronx. Who better than Price.

Would Price want to sign an extension with the Yankees if traded there? I think he would — the only exception is, would he want to face his old team, the Tampa Bay Rays, fifthteen times a year. He has stated that he wouldn’t want to face the Rays and see the on the other side. Although, at the end of the day, it’s all about the mula.

In order for Price to be traded to the Yankees, the Tigers would have to give up next season. Also, Max Scherzer is a free agent this offseason and might not return to the Tigers. Leaving them with just Price and Justin Verlander.

The reason why I brought this idea up about Price to the Yankees, is because the Tigers are struggling, Price is gonna be a free agent after next season and the Yankees can now trade for Price since he’s now with the Tigers and not the Rays; Rays wouldn’t trade with the Yankees since they’re in the same division. The Yankees and Tigers have had a good relationship in making deals in the past couple of years.

The Yankees will try get a lefty, front starter this offseason. They need one. It’ll either be Price, Jon Lester or Cole Hamels. I wouldn’t want Lester because he’s a true Boston Red Sox player; I know he’s an ace and knows the A.L East, but I just don’t want him as a Yankee. I’d take Hamels or Price.

Forgetting the business aspect of getting Price and the whole ‘good’ clubhouse guy stuff — what’s most important about him is he brings a winning mentality to a team. When he takes that mound, you know it’s game time. That’s what the Yankees had with Sabathia (and I don’t know will ever get again) and that’s what the Yankees are gonna need now.

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