Why Isn’t Bobby Shmurda Performing at the VMAs?

For those wondering why the VMAs, or music in general, hasn’t been what it use to be, it’s because diversity in music is no more.

Hip-hop performances at the VMAs in the past couple of years, has slowly declined. We haven’t seen that real, hardcore, from the streets, hip-hop performances anymore. The only thing that’s close to hip-hop that MTV puts on the VMAs, is Drake… Not saying Drake isn’t great, but DRAKE, is the closet thing to hardcore hip-hop at the VMAs.

There’s a young upcoming rapper by the name of Bobby Shmurda, that has a big hit song called “Hot N*gga”. It’s one of the hottest songs this summer. So why the hell is he not performing at the VMAs?

Shmurda should be performing “Hot N*gga” at the VMAs. No question about it. MTV likes to promote these young, pop musicans at the VMAs — so why not promote a young rapper, whose music video has become viral on every social media site, like Shmurda?

Let’s see whose performing at this year’s VMAs, okay.

Maroon 5 — Yea, I’m interested.

Taylor Swift — Proven star. Should be at the VMAs.

Usher — Another proven star; yes, should be on. Just don’t like how he and Adam Levine are performing at the VMAs because it looks like they’re promoting “The Voice” and I can’t stand that show. It should be off the air.

Beyonce — Can’t complain about the top female artist in the world, today. Highly interested.

Now it gets oddly bad, with the next performers.

Ariana Grande — Eh… Can do without, but I’m okay with it.

Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora — Don’t care at all, about these two. They do nothing for music.

5 Seconds Of Summer — Who? Never heard of them, but I’m pretty sure they’re garbage.

So if it were up to me, 5 Seconds Of Summer should be replaced by Bobby Shmurda at the VMAs. Or definitely should replace Rita Ora.

Shmurda is someone MTV can really publicize and show to the world. Maybe they can bring back that ‘gangsta’ hip-hop this music world misses.

I’ve always loved the MTV Video Music Awards because of the diverse of artists they had and all different types of genres of music that would perform. Now it’s strictly teen pop music. Where’s the edginess, they use to have?

Thankfully they have true talented, mega stars like Beyonce, Usher, Taylor Swift performing at this year’s VMAs.

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