Yankees Have to be Great in August

What a way to take air out the MLB Trade Deadline.

Well, an 8-5 record to finish July may sound good, but not good enough. Which may be the title of this 2014 Yankee season. ‘Good, But Not Good Enough’.

And the Yankees need to be great in the month of August. I can’t say the Yankees are in trouble because I’m too stubborn in believing they’re done and they’re still very much in the wild card. Also, August and September is still a lot of games left. But the Yankees don’t want to be 6-games back in August 30th.

The ending to July was dreadful, for this Yankee club. Everything was looking great until that Toronto Blue Jay series at home. The Yankees went for ‘very good’ to ‘very bad’ in an eye blink.

This offense hasn’t been bad because they’re not hitting homeruns, it’s been bad because they’re not taking long, solid at-bats. The only old Yankees use to wear pitchers out because of their patience at the plate. At tonight’s game against Colby Lewis, they had him on the ropes and they let him off easy. Yankees looked very nonchalant in their at-bats against Lewis.

I thought, for sure, the Yankees were gonna score more if they held the Rangers to only 3 runs. Even in the ninth, I thought they’d make noise like they always do. Nothing! Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran and Chase Headley(who at least hit the ball hard) went down one-two-three.

I feel like this team is better than this, offensively. That’s why I feel they have a big run in them, come August. I can’t give up on them this quickly. Too much talent.

Yankees have to turn in up in August. They don’t want it to get too late, and most importantly, they want the Orioles and Blue Jays to get farther and farther, where the Yankees can’t even touch them. The Orioles and Jays are winning; they’re doing their thing. And I also think one of them or both are gonna get to their low point soon — but right now, the Yankees better stop the bleeding and stay close.

Yankees have a long month of August left, and they do see the Jays and Orioles plenty more times this season. It’s put up or shut up, time.

I can’t have the Yankees missing the playoffs two years in a row; yes, I’m a spoiled, rotten Yankee fan. And if you think I’m giving up on July 31st, you’re sadly mistaken.

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