If Phillies Offered Hamels to Yanks, They Have To Do It

There’s a report stating that the Philadelphia Phillies offered lefty pitcher Cole Hamels to the Dodgers, Red Sox and Yankees.

Now, as a Yankee fan, I don’t care about the Dodgers or Red Sox. But if the Yankees were offered Hamels, GM Brian Cashman would have consider making the deal.

This is a pitcher you trade your top prospects, for. Even though the Yankees and Phillies can negotiate for less prospects, since the Yankees would have to take $108 million dollars that’s left on Cole’s contract. Yankees won’t do both; take the full contract and give up top prospects. They’ll do one or the other.

Money, prospects, whatever the Yankees have to deal or take back, you’d have to think Cashman and the Yankees would be interested in Hamels. Not the type of ‘interest’ where you call the Phillies to check on him, I’m talking ‘serious interest’ where they’re looking to acquire him now

I believe the Yankees would get Hamels now if they could. Reason why — Cashman went all out to acquire Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. Now, the difference between Hamels and Samardzija/Hammel is the money on the contracts, although those two pitchers aren’t even in the same league as Hamels.

Take Jason Hammel out of this discussion since he’s not the pitcher Samardzija and Hamels is — Samardzija is not even close to the pitcher Hamels is; not even the same track record when it comes to postseason games and World Series MVP, and Cashman nearly gave up the farm for Samardzija. We don’t know what Cashman necessarily offered to the Chicago Cubs, but he sounded sure as if his offer could’ve landed the two right-handers.

Cashman said he and Cubs president Theo Epstein spoke several times, the day Epstein made the trade with the Oakland Athletics. Cashman felt he had a shot.

I would have to think Yankees would deal for Hamels if he became available to them.

Would I like the Yankees to trade for John Danks or Ian Kennedy? Of course; with the little starting pitching we have, they would be upgrades. But knowing the Yankees, they rather get a big name starter that would make a major difference. Like a Hamels or Cliff Lee. Getting just Danks, isn’t gonna help. Getting just Kennedy wouldn’t do much. Though Hamels or Lee with Danks or Kennedy — helps a lot.

If the Yankees can get just one of the two Philly pitchers (Hamels or Lee) they don’t have to get a Danks or Kennedy. Hamels and Lee can carry a rotation in the postseason.

If you saw that performance by Hamels last night against the Mets at Citi Field, Hamels looked like a pitcher who was showcasing for teams last night.

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