Would Yankees Replace Roberts with Hill or Prado?

You know, we keep hearing that the Yankees “need a bat — they need to upgrade their lineup”. Even though I’m for pitching and for the Yankees acquiring two pitchers instead of one bat, I would agree that another bat could fix the lineup.

Problem is, will the Yankees trade for a bat that plays the outfield, when the team has stated that Carlos Beltran is close to returning to right field? Wouldn’t make sense to do that if Beltran is coming back to play the outfield.

So how about second base?

The Arizona Diamondbacks have placed infielder Aaron Hill and Martin Prado on the block for a long time, now. Are they two power bats? No. But they are upgrades over current second baseman Brian Roberts.

Even though Hill is not showing much power this year, has the potential to give that team he’s traded to, an extra five homeruns in the final two months. He has that type of power. Hill’s batting .389 in his last ten game, but, with only one homerun. Impressive. Maybe half those hits would’ve been homeruns in Yankee Stadium.

Hill this season: 8 homeruns, 49 RBIs, batting .255

Prado would be great for a team like the Yankees, who not only plays second base, but plays the outfield as well. Prado doesn’t have the power Hill has, but a high average/contact hitter. And Prado is the better defensive player between he and Hill.

Prado this season: 5 homeruns, 42 RBIs, batting .276

I like Roberts. I like the personality he brings to the locker room and saw some good things about him earlier in the season; he has hit some clutch homeruns this season in the bottom of the ninth and in extra innings. But 5 homeruns, with 21 RBIs, with a .237 average and costly errors on the field, doesn’t look good right now. Especially a team that’s struggling for offense, that’s in the hunt for October; a Yankee organization that’s missed the postseason last season.

Roberts’ 37-years old. He’s running out of gas.

Right now, the most realistic position for the Yankees to upgrade offensively, is second base.

If I had to pick between Hill or Prado, I really can’t lose if I close my eyes and hand picked one. They’d perfect upgrades for a Yankee second baseman.

For the right price, GM Brian Cashman would deal for Hill or Prado. No question about it.

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