Would Yankees be Interested in Masterson

With the trade deadline looming, the Cleveland Indians are “very willing” to trade starter Justin Masterson.

Only problem is, Masterson has been on the disable list since July 8th; ironically it was the day he pitched against the Yankees in Cleveland. He’s scheduled to be activated Friday, from the D.L.

Masterson was a pitcher I’ve always had my eye on as potential target for the Yankees. Always been a fan of his game.

I don’t know if the Yankees would be interested, or what would the Indians want. Good thing is, he’ll be a free agent by the end of this season. Could that force the Indians to get rid of him, making the Yankees not give up much.

If I’m Yankee GM Brian Cashman, I would be very interested in Masterson. The 29-year old Masterson can pitch complete games. Last season he had a career high 3 complete games and 7 overall his career.

Yankees are looking for pitchers who can go seven innings.

If the Yankees can pickup Masterson, he could turn out to be a great pickup. This isn’t some national league pitcher — this is a guy who can be the Yankees no.1.

I would go after him if I was the Yankees. Hey, if he were healthy and pitching well, it would be even harder to get him. I would take a chance.

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