Key to Yankees’ 2nd Half: JULY!

‘It’s too early; we still have time; it’s only July; no need to look at the standings’ — Those words are now over.

Now it’s time to look at the standings. Now it’s time to worry whether your team is gonna make the postseason or not. It’s the second half. It’s go time.

The New York Yankees could be on the brink of missing two postseason appearances in a row. The last time the Yankees missed two or more playoff appearances, people were saying: ‘Whose Derek Jeter?’

The no.1 key to the Yankees making the playoffs, is the end of July. They must, must, do damage in the last few games of July. The Cincinnati Reds are very good, but the Yankees are at home and need to take two from three, or a sweep.

After the Reds, they’ll have a four-game home series against the Texas Rangers. Rangers are nineteen games under .500. A split would be okay, but you rather three out of four. They’re at home, for crying out loud and the Rangers are 38-57!

Now, if the Yankees can do what they’re suppose to do against the Reds and Rangers, then losing 2 from three from the Toronto Blue Jays would be — sorta — okay, since the Jays are due to win at Yankee Stadium and got swept the last time they were here. But you still want to beat them because they’re in the Yankees way in the A.L East.

After that ten-game home-stand, Yankees go west and see the Rangers again, at their home. Two out of three down there, would be huge.

Can the Yankees finish July, 8-5, is the question. Or would that be enough to make some noise in the A.L East.

By the end of July, the Yankees have to be 2.5 games out. They want to head into August being nothing less than 2.5 games back, behind the Baltimore Orioles, or whoever is first place.

Good thing about the East is, nobody has really taken off, the Tampa Rays and Boston Red Sox are at the bottom, and if the Yankees win the East, they’ll just get right in. Unlike the Wild Card.

So the Yankees have to take advantage of the month of July. I don’t care how beat up their pitching staff is, they have enough to score and win; also, the Jays and Orioles have no pitching either.

It’s all about JULY! Worry about July first, then August and September later.

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