VMAs & Emmys on Back-to-Back Nights

Yesterday, I looked at the date for the 2014 Emmys and saw it was scheduled to be on the 25th of August. So I’m guessing that day lands on a Sunday, like the Emmys usually is on. So I said: …OH…GREAT…. Like an asshole.

Then today, I saw that the MTV VMAs were trending on Twitter, since the nominations were revealed. So I looked at the date for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, and saw that it lands on August 24th, on a Sunday. Now I was confused. Because I thought the 25th landed on a Sunday, which the Emmys is scheduled to be on.

Went back to the Emmys site and saw that it’s gonna land on a Monday — which is rare. Also ir was interesting, when I pieced it together that the VMAs and Emmys were gonna be on back-to-back nights! I don’t think that’s ever been done before; two big award shows like these, on back-to-back nights.

Some of you may have known this news months ago, while I just figured out. Yes, excuse dumbassness.

Not a bad Sunday-Monday combo. On Sunday, August 24th, you have the MTV Video Music Awards, then on that next day, Monday, August 25th, you have the 66th Emmy Primetime Emmys. Pretty dope!

If you’re working for celeb site, or work for E! News, Hollywood Extra, this is a dream. I’m gonna be a busy ‘mofo’ on that weekend. Especially with my love for the MTV VMAs.

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