Fallout: 2014 BET Awards

From all the ‘big name’ music award shows this past year, none of them have been as good as the 2014 BET Awards.

What a show! It was even better than last year’s and I thought last year’s was good. To have an award show with…a good amount of stars (not as much as they should have) and to still put up an entertaining show like this, is very impressive. BET knows what they’re doing. They gave the viewers a little bit of everything; blended it in nicely. That’s what you’re suppose to do.

There was not one boring moment. Well, if you wanna count Jay-Z and Beyonce’s performance from tour being useless, then maybe it have one boring moment. But you can live with that. It wasn’t terrible; especially since it ended the show.

Music award shows this past year, like the MTV Video Music Awards (which I’m always into every year), The Grammys, American Music Awards — all sucked! I found myself changing the channel in those shows; or just waiting t’ll Chris Brown performs, then change the channel. Not the BET Awards — I felt like I couldn’t miss a minute of it.


I thought Chris Rock was very good; wasn’t great, like he’s been in the past. The celebrities should’ve gotten into the jokes a little more. But all and all, I still liked his performance throughout the whole show. Kept everything in it’s feet.

Missy Elliot returning on stage with Pharrell, was so great to see. How great it is to see Elliot back on stage. I hope she’s returning to bring us that magic she once showed us in the beginning of her career.

Usher’s performance was amazing. Him singing all of his greatest hits, really brought me back to jr.high school, again.

Lionel Richie performance was amazing. John Legend was outstanding, as he sung “Three Times A Lady”.
I never heard of August Alsina, until tonight. I notice he’s got a big following of women. Hearing him sing for the first time, as he performed — his voice reminded me a little of R&B singer Case. He’s gotta old school R&B voice.

Seeing Chris Brown back on stage was great. He’s the only reason why I even care about award shows. He puts up the best performance than any other artist today. He’s basically our Michael Jackson.

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