#TBT Music Video of the Day…

Angie Martinez ft Lil’ Mo & Sacario — “If I Could Go” 2002

Since miss Angie Martinez has made big news about resigning from Hot 97, I guess here video from 2002 “If I Could Go” is the perfect Throwback Thursday Music Video of the Day.

And Martinez told Hot 97 if ‘she can go’ and they said yes. Sad day for Hot 97 and their fan-base. A lot of from the tristate area grew up listening to Angie Martinez. She was the voice of Hot 97 for eighteen years. Also, an inspiration for many Puerto Rican girls/women from New York.

But moving toward to the video: “If I Could Go” was a good song for the summer. It had that Latino, New York City beat to it; which is the main reason why I like it. This beat sounds and visualizes as Puerto Rican girls and guys in the streets of summer, just chillin’.

In 2002, it seem like Lil’ Mo was on every music video. She was on fire. Every hook Lil’ Mo did, was a big hit. She has this amazing voice that fits perfectly for R&B/Hip-Hop music.

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