How Perfect Would Ben Zobrist be on the Yankees

If there’s any bat the New York Yankees needed to get before the trade deadline, it’s Ben Zobrist.

He is exactly what the Yankees need. Somone who can play first, second, third shortstop and the oufield.

When Zobrist is on his game, he’s worth $20 million dollars a year — because how versatile he is. Forgetting to mention that he’s also a switch-hitter with power.

You put Zobrist in the middle of that Yankee lineup, they’ll be set offensively. You bring in a switch-hitter with power and can play multiple positions at defense. And balances the lineup nicely.

Zobrist would actually be the perfect player to replace Derek Jeter next season, at shortstop. Someone who can fill in the gap for one year or so.

Only problem with Zobrist is he plays for the Tampa Bay Rays — would the Rays trade him to a division rival? Like the Yankees? Don’t know.

He’s what the Yankees need. The Yankees have been searching for a player like this for years, now.

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