Knicks: Phil’s Summer To-Do List

I’m hoping to look like this when I get to my 50’s.

But this not about Phil Jackson wasting his time on looking like an eye-candy, any 21-year old female would love to ride! This about his new team. The New York Knicks’ 2014 offseason.

The one thing I hate about the 2014-15 season, is people saying the Knicks can’t be competitive. Yes they can. The Knicks can make the playoffs next season; probably not. But they can certainly make the playoffs as a 5th, 6th, 7th seed.

I understand the 2015 offseason is more realistic and sensible to make moves, with the amount of money coming off the Knicks payroll and the bevy star free agents.

Though, they’re are moves to be made this offseason. Some that need to be made. Some easy moves to be made. Some that may be hard to make (but why not try). Then they’re some moves that may not be in the hands of the Knicks, to decide.


If all goes well, that new head coach could be Derek Fisher; and could be announced later this week.

Fisher, in my view, is the perfect choice. He’s got the potential to be something special, as coach. Looking at him play in the playoffs and how he mentored the younger players on the Oklahoma City Thunder, that showed me he’s ready to coach.

I wanted Steve Kerr to coach the Knicks, but it seems like he’s not 100% ready to coach a team with a star player in it. Sure, he’s gonna coach Stephen Curry. But Curry is not Carmelo Anthony. And Golden State is certainly not New York City.

Fisher seems like the next Knick coach.


The Knicks first offseason reports were that Phil Jackson told Raymond Felton that he’s gonna be traded. Which indicates that we’re gonna have a new point-guard playing in MSG.

Steve Blake, a free agent to be this offseason, has been heavily rumored to sign with the Knicks. Blake would most likely be a guy to fill in the point-guard position for one-year, until 2015 when top free agent point guards like Goran Dragic and Rajon Rondo will be available.

Don’t see Rondo getting dealt, via trade, to the Knicks since they have nothing really to trade or any picks, that Boston would want. Barring Rondo holding Boston’s managements feet to the fire like Carmelo Anthony did in 2010, I don’t see a trade happening. Though in the 2015 offseason when Rondo’s a free agent? Absolutely!

I want Rondo on the Knicks, BADLY!


To others, it may seem impossible, but I don’t think it is.

The teams that aren’t in the interest of Kevin Love, those teams are not gonna go all out for him. Especially when he’s gonna be a free agent a year from now.

A team like the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors are gonna be timid to deal for a player like Love, whose never played in the playoffs, who may (‘may’) have some baggage with him and might leave Chicago or Golden State if he doesn’t sign an extension.

Now, the Phoenix Suns are interested in acquiring Love, without him signing an extension. And a team like that would make the most sense, since their point-guard Goran Dragic is gonna be free agent in 2015 like Love, and could leave Phoenix. Why not Phoenix go all out. Makes sense.

But, the Knicks could get him. Because the Knicks are one of the teams he’s willing to sign with come 2015, which of course he would sign an extension with New York right away, if traded here. The only question is would the Minnesota Timberwolves want what the Knicks have?

They’re rumors about the Knicks trading guard Iman Shumpert for picks. Could the Knicks, or Phil Jackson, turn that into a package for Love.

Getting Love isn’t destined this offseason since it’s gonna be hard do, but ‘trying’ to get him, is. And Jackson will try.

If the Knicks get Love, that means they’ll have two star players…for sure.


My conscious tells me that Carmelo Anthony, really, doesn’t want to leave New York. He really doesn’t want to leave the Knicks, after all he went through in 2010. But if he has to, he will.

Phil Jackson and the Knicks know what it’s gonna take to keep Anthony. Is it more money? I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s about money for Anthony, anymore. It’s about getting that second star player.

Anthony doing all this, pressuring the Knicks to do something, tells me that Anthony knows something can be done and is forcing the Knicks to do it. That certain ‘something’ is a player that could be traded this offseason.

If the Knicks don’t get that second star this offseason — which most likely is the case — Anthony has to just stay patient for one more year and realize he can win with this current roster. Of J.R Smith can comeback to his 2012-13 form, hoping Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler stays healthy, with Tim Hardaway Jr. getting his feet wet in the pros already, Knicks can make a run. They just need some bench help and a decent point-guard.

This will most likely be the last go-around for this group. Stoudemire and Chandler are gonna be free agents in 2015. They’re gonna wanna make one last run together.

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