Game 1 ’14 Finals: Is LeBron Declining?

Sure, the San Antonio Spurs may have won Game 1 easily, without LeBron James on the court. But that’s not a good sign for the Miami Heat.

First, let me start with the Spurs: they have to win that game without James on the court. And they had to win it by the score they won in, 110-95, which was by fifteen points. Because — can you imagine if the Spurs would’ve lost that game without James on the floor?

The Spurs would’ve been ridicule and written off this series. If the Spurs would’ve lost that Game 1 last night, the people who picked the Heat in six or seven, would’ve changed their prediction to the Heat in four. Pretty much everyone could’ve basically wrote off the Spurs if they would’ve lost last night, without James playing.

San Antonio did what they had to do. They’re not gonna stop playing because James has cramps. They did what had to do, which was shut down the Heat and close Game 1.

Now for the Heat: This could be troubling for them. Because without James on the floor, the Heat looked lost. They didn’t know what to do and how to guard Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker. That showed everyone and the Spurs, that they’re pretty much useless without James, nor they have anyone to stop the bleeding and become the leader.

Without James, the Heat are an older teams. Let’s face it, they become older than the Spurs in a lot of ways.

Not saying the Heat are in trouble (just) because the Heat didn’t play well without James, but how about if LeBron James is not the same anymore because of these cramps.

You know, James has been very durable for about ten years in the NBA. Now, I’m not gonna go nuts for cramps and say LeBron should retire — but god forbid for the Heat and their fans, that this cramp/dehydration could be the beginning of LeBron’s decline.

Like I said, this is a guy whose been made out of iron for the past ten years. Although, he’s 29-years old. In December he’ll be 30. Just saying. James has done a lot of running and TON of minutes on the court for a guy his size. How long his legs or body in general can hold? There’s gonna be a time where (not gonna say ‘father time’ is calling, now) his body is gonna start getting…older.

I know Heat or LeBron fans don’t wanna hear this, but there’s gonna be a time where James is not gonna be the player he once was anymore. Where he can’t drive to the basket anymore. Or dunk to the hole, anymore. And, when he can’t play as much minutes, like he could, anymore.

The Heat will have no one to turn to in this series, if LeBron needs more time on the bench.

Not saying LeBron is gonna decline 100% in this series, but it’s not out of this world to say: This is the beginning of the decline, for The King.

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