#TBT Music Video of the Day

“Club MTV” – Black Box – “Strike It Up”

My #TBT Music Video Of The Day doesn’t necessarily have to be actual music videos. It could be this. Although, this, is something that’s hard to explain in today’s world, since today’s television doesn’t have cool stuff like this anymore.

“Club MTV” was a show on (obviously) MTV, and the best to describe what kind of show it was: It was MTV’s own version of the “Soul Train”. At the time, it was considered to be “hipper” than “Soul Train”. “Club MTV” was the new age of dance shows, while “Soul Train” still had that 1970s feel to it; even though they enhanced the style and culture through the years. But, it still felt old. Compared to this show.

This particular video of “Club MTV” is one of my favorites because of the “Strike It Up” song by Black Box. It’s not the original “Strike It Up” song, it’s DJ Lightning’s version (he’s the guy whose DJing), which I prefer than the original.

The female host, some may or may not know, “Downtown” Julie Brown. Who you can follow on Twitter at: @DTJB

Anyone who was in their prime in this generation, must feel the nostalgia watching this. From the little I witness in the 1990s I remember the feel of that era, by watching this video. The way people looked, acted, dressed and went about their business. This video had that exact feel to what the 1990’s truly were about.

By the way people danced there’s so much freedom…but also, so much drugs. From the way people moved on the video, you sure as hell know that wasn’t from coffee.

The best way to give you my own personal perspective of what the 90s were: Diversity and creativity at it’s highest point. In the 1990’s there were so many ways to have fun, because there were so much to do; people created fun. People’s mentality of life was so much different than today’s. People back then has the mentality of: life can do no wrong — no worries.

It also had this ‘cool’ factor that I can’t describe. The 90’s has it’s own style that you can never remade. The only way to remake it, is if we removed computers and cells phones out of our hands.

I believe some of the people who are unhappy now, are the people who partied their asses off in the 90’s. Because it spoiled a lot of people. Especially if you’re a Yankee fan 😉

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