Yankees-Cardinals Memorial Day 2014: Something I Really Like

This is something I really like, but I really don’t like interleague games every, damn, week.

Although the New York Yankees playing against the St.Louis Cardinals tomorrow on Memorial Day, 2014, is an interleague matchup that I really like for this specific day. Interleague games, for holidays like this and for a matchup like the Yankees vs. Cardinals, adds to the fun and unique feeling to Memorial Day.

With baseball being the Americana sport that it is, combining the two most storied and successful franchises in the MLB, Yankees/Cardinals, it fits so perfectly for this holiday.

We hardly see the Yankees and Cardinals, obviously, because if — you know baseball — you know that the Yankees and Cardinals are in different leagues and hardly play each other. Unless it’s in the World Series. But with this being such a limited game, or series, makes it even more special on Memorial Day.

I understand the MLB is really screwing up interleague series, by having one almost every week and taking the uniqueness out of it. I really hate it. But if they can do interleague games for holidays like this, it would make the game and day very special, adding a fun atmosphere to families at home.

Not only Memorial Days should have interleague games. So should the 4th of July.

On this year’s 4th July, the Yankees have to go to Minnesota, to face the Twins. Why? They went there for last year’s July 4th. Yankees at Minnesota? Seriously? I don’t know if I feel bad for fans or feel bad for Derek Jeter having to watch fireworks in Minnesota.

How about the Yankees and New York Mets, on the 4th of July. Or, how about the Yankees and San Francisco Giants. And/or, how about the Mets and Boston Red Sox.

Instead of having the Yankees and Mets play senseless series in May, why not play in July 4th, at 1:00 afternoon, on a beautiful sunny day. That’d be awesome.

For next year’s Memorial Day, the MLB should have Yankees vs. Cardinals, again, and Mets vs. Red Sox.

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