Donald Sterling Helped Paul & Griffin get those Commercials

I really didn’t want to talk about this idiotic story, that just only help publicize a whore.

But I’m not gonna talk about that hooker. I’m gonna talk about Donald Sterling might have been the main reason his two star players got those commercials.

If you watch the NBA and I told you, from the top of your head, what two players make the most commercials… The two players you should say is, Los Angeles Clipper point-guard Chris Paul and forward Blake Griffin.

There aren’t any two players in the NBA that make the most commercials, than Paul and Griffin. Sterling must’ve had a lot to do with that.

Paul and Griffin make more commercials than LeBron James and Kevin Durant, combine. Griffin does two sponsorships. He does those “Kia” and “Gamefly” commercials. With Paul, it seems like he does three “State Farm” commercials a year.

Hey, all power to Paul and Griffin — get your money…make it rain. Anyone and any player would do the same. It’s just amazing how many commercials they do, but when you look at the owner they once had, you understand why Paul and Griffin get to make all that cash.

Sterling helped Paul and Griffin, massively, to have those sponsorships. Sterling’s a billionaire. Do you realize how many connections he has to companies and organizations.

LeBron James is rarely on commercials. And he’s the best basketball player in the world. New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony is one of the top scorers in the league, each year — and he’s never on a commercial. Now, let’s be honest, do James and Anthony need anymore money? No. But Paul and Griffin do a boatload of these commercials, while they’re not even close to the talent Anthony, James and Durant are.

Sterling has a lot to do with that. If Chris Paul and Blake Griffin weren’t on the Clippers, I think it’s safe to say they wouldn’t be having all this t.v time.

Also, they’re reasons why former NBA commissioner David Stern ‘looked the other way’ with Sterling’s bad behavior. Sterling helped the NBA become more nationally, recognized with those ads. He’s made people who know nothing about the NBA, know who Griffin and Paul is. And those ads are funny as hell, too. Though, it’s not fair to the other players around league who deserve to be on those commercials.

Is Griffin on two sponsorship commercials because of his looks? Sure. Is Paul on millions of “State Farm” commercials because he, once was, a great point guard and the president of the NBAPA? That could be. Though if they were Lakers instead of Clippers, I don’t know about that.

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