Crowd Goes Wild: Last Day – I Feel The Sadness

For those who’ve watched Fox Sports’ “Crowd Goes Wild” since the very beginning, this has to be a sad day for you, as today will be the last show.

I first started hearing and seeing ads about CGW once Fox Sports was about to launch their 24-hour live update. And I starting seeing Regis Philbin on the promos and these attractive women and I thought: Oh, pretty cool. But I never rushed to the guide channel to see what time it started, because I didn’t know much about Fox Sports. Also, I really didn’t know what channel it was on, either.

I started watching Crowd Goes Wild once Mike Francesa went on Fox Sports. That’s when the show really caught my attention and I decided to — ‘what the hell’ — watch it. I said: Why not see Regis; also, I wanna see these hot chicks — see what this show’s about.

And I liked it. I really did. Not just because of Katie Nolan, or Georgie Thompson and the great Regis being a part of it — it’s the cohesion the cast has. They seem like a very together group of people. A togetherness that isn’t fake — in my view. I felt connected with the cast. Nolan isn’t just this hottie — she’s actually a really cool chick. It’s a very heart warming group of people.

Now as the show is coming to an end, I can sense the sadness in the group. They seem to have enjoyed being and working together. And that’s a shame because it’s something you don’t find a lot in work places.

I feel bad for the guys, like Michael Costa, Trevor Pryce and Jason Gay. The ladies are gonna have an easy time finding another job. Though the men might have a tough time finding their next gig.

I don’t know why they can’t just put the show on Fox Sports 2? Or televise it on mornings, on Fox Sports 1. It’s just a one hour show.

Even though there’s no sign of the show changing time slots or it staying on t.v, I say it returns in some point in the near future.

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