#TBT Music Video of the Day…

Rick James – “Blew My Mind 69 Times” 1980s

Not really a “music video” but it is a video! Lol

This was the great Rick James on the “Late Show” with David Letterman in 1982, performing his new hit single (at the time) “She Blew My Mind 69 Times”.

I ran into this video last year, and was stunned on rarity of it – 1982 David Letterman show with Rick James performing? Hard to find. I don’t even know how the person uploaded this into their computer.

As for the song (“She Blew My Mind 69 Times”) I heard it for the first time on this video and loved it. Actually, it made me like Rick James more. And it took about…one, two or maybe three seconds to figure what he was saying. Especially when he said “you tasted mine”.

In this song, James talks about a sexual encounter with a woman, and how much he loved this girl, but ended breaking his heart. He’s telling the girl: How can leave me after 69-ing me, daily.

James sang about things all of us men fantasied doing to numerous of women. Some people thought his songs were racy at the time, but they were about making love. Sex is beautiful. There’s no harm in it, only, if you don’t abuse it.

I also really enjoyed his interview with Letterman after he performed. I found him to be very classy.

R.I.P Rick James.

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