Melo Should Do A Sign-And-Trade – If He Wants To Leave

It’s over, guys. No playoffs for the Knickerbockers. I know, I know it’s tough; especially after making the second seed last season, and thinking that we’re gonna have winning basketball every season. But it didn’t happen that way.

Now the New York Knicks and Knick fans have a dilemma coming this offseason that involves their superstar player, Carmelo Anthony, who has an opt-out clause and most likely will opt out.

Though the main question is: Will Anthony use the opt-out clause to re-sign with the Knicks to gain or make less money (less money: so the Knicks can sign other players) or will he opt out to sign elsewhere. And if does go to another team, I think a sign-and-trade should be highly considered and the right thing, for him, to do.

Anthony can’t just leave, after the Knicks gutted the team for him in 2010. The players the Knicks gave up you can live with, but what really hurt was the draft picks.

Now that’s if Anthony wants to go. I would like to re-sign Anthony; actually, I think we can win next year with the same, exact team. Give this same Knick team a new season and I guarantee they won’t finish ninth — probably won’t finish second, but would be in the playoffs. This was just a freaky season.

Let’s say Anthony does decide to go and it’s to the Chicago Bulls, and Bull-Knicks decide to do a sign-and-trade. Forget Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah — Knicks are not getting those guys; though I would love to have Noah’s sister (:wink,wink:). The one guy I’m sure the Knicks and Phil Jackson will ask for is guard Jimmy Butler.

Do the Bulls want to give up Butler? No. But they’re getting one of the top scorers in the league. The Knicks can get Taj Gibson, easily, in a potential trade. They could get Gibson and draft picks — which wouldn’t be terrible, though you’d rather try to get Butler.

(Phil) Jackson can get Butler in a sign-and-trade. If he wasn’t in the Knicks front office, then I would’ve thought there’s no chance. With Jackson there and his history with Chicago, there’s a possibility he could land Butler.

The 24-year old Butler is not Anthony, obviously, but he would be part of the future core along side with 22-year old Tim Hardaway, Jr. Hardaway and Butler together can be a nice growth and maybe turnout to be a deadly one-two combo. Knicks would lose a scorer but the Knicks get younger, athletic and better defensively.

And again – this team can still win next season. I don’t understand why people think we have to wait t’ll 2015? Okay, I understand for Rajon Rondo, but for Kevin Love? What has Love done? The way some Knick fans who talk about Love, you would think Tim Duncan – in his prime – is a free agent in 2015.

The Knicks can still win next season. Maybe not a championship, but they can make the 5th seed next season. Especially if they re-sign Anthony — if they do, they can definitely make the playoffs. Most people act like the Knicks are gonna finish ninth again, next season.

If Anthony does go, that’s alright. I believe they can still win. Not every NBA team needs to have a star in every position. Seriously. Look at the Indiana Pacers: Yes, they have an all around scorer in Paul George, but they’re good because they have depth, size and leadership.

It’s really a win-win if Anthony goes or not. Though you hope we can get a sign-and-trade. If so, I think the Knicks and Jackson would be fine taking that.

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