Conan – Best Replacement for Letterman

First Jay Leno, and now David Letterman. The world is really changing.

And the great thing about this is: Now every jerkoff has a list of their own ideal replacement for Letterman.

But I’m not gonna have a list of potential late night hosts for Letterman, like I did for Leno. Because I think there’s one guy who can and should, replace Letterman. That’s Conan O’Brien.

If CBS wants someone to bring definite ratings back, make a big splash and a big name, then Letterman’s replacement should be O’Brien.

O’Brien is the only guy who can compete with Jimmy Fallon at 11:30. Why? They’re many reasons why. But the main reason, which is the important reason, is Conan’s young cult of fans.

O’Brien has more fans than Fallon. O’Brien has been doing this for years; the only two late night hosts whose been doing it longer than him, is Leno and Letterman.

He’s got a lot of fans from past, to even present. Young viewers attract to O’Brien. I even was a huge fan of his when he was in New York. I didn’t like him much when he was in Los Angeles at 11:30; he didn’t have the electric vibe in L.A, like he had in NYC.

Fallon wouldn’t want to see O’Brien at CBS, at 11:30. He wouldn’t mind competing with Jimmy Kimmel. He wouldn’t mind Stephen Colbert, either. But Conan? He does not want to see on CBS at the same time as him.

Fallon is gaining “ratings” now, because he’s competing against no one. I mean – Letterman is still there, but Fallon has the younger viewers in the palm of his hand. Letterman doesn’t have that young crowd. Though Conan does.

Another thing about Conan is, you know what you’re gonna get out of him. I know what’s expected, since I’ve watched him for years. He’s not a suspect or a new comer like Fallon or Seth Meyers. O’Brien is highly experience. If CBS were to sign him, they’d bring in a professional — well, the photo of him, above, may not…look…necessarily professional… But trust me, he is!

Two Major Questions On Conan Coming Back To 11:30:

1) He’s still with TBS. Would he be interested in coming to CBS to take the 11:30 spot? Logic tells me: yes. Conan is a competitive guy. You don’t think he’d love to redeem his career and fight with the hot Fallon..? Come on.

It also depends if he’s doing well in TBS and he doesn’t want to screw it up. He might be comfortable and fine where he is

2) Big question — would he consider moving back to New York City again? That’s a major, major question. After living in L.A for five years, I don’t know if he’s willing to bring his family all the way back to the east coast.

I’m sure Conan would love to host at the “Ed Sullivan Theater”. That could be attractive to him.

Conan, to me, would be the perfect guy to replace Letterman. It just fits right.

The only way Conan is not replacing Letterman, is if Conan doesn’t want to comeback to New York, or CBS doesn’t care to compete with Jimmy Fallon.

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