Watching Seth Meyers: Whose Cristin Milioti?

Because of Seth Meyers, now I know who Cristin Milioti is! 

I flipped to “Last Night with Seth Meyers” last night, and saw Milioti be interviewed and I didn’t know who she was.

Then toward the end the interview, I see Meyers pull out the “Wolf Of Wall Street” blu ray. And I thought: ‘Why? I didn’t see her in the movie? Unless she sewed the clothing, or something.’ Then it hit me, played Jordan’s Belfort’s first wife — Leo Dicaprio’s character. She played “Teresa Petrillo. 
She looked so much older in the movie. Without character, she looks much more younger. 
Also, she’s in “How I Met Your Mother” which I didn’t know, because I don’t watch that.
You better believe I’m a fan after this shot… I-Yi-Yi.

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