Is Adam Driver The Next Nicolas Cage?

Probably the most accurate comparison I thought of, so far.

Some fans of Nicolas Cage may not know who Adam Driver is. But then some Driver fans, my not know anything about Cage. Although if both fans of both sides, watch the two in action, they’d agree the resemblance is uncanny.

If you don’t know who Driver is, he’s on the HBO series “Girls”. Like I said, I don’t think Cage’s fans are watching “Girls”. And I don’t know if Driver’s fans know much about the movie “Vampire’s Kiss”.

Driver acts so much like Cage, it’s almost like Driver once admired him growing up.

They also sound very much alike, when they’re both in a yelling, angry scene. Which is one of the reasons why I see them alike.

Though to me, the main reason why their acting abilities are alike, is that they’re both very mysteriously, eccentric in their work. When Cage and Driver are acting in a screaming, yelling scene, it’s hard to tell whether they’re trying to be serious or funny. In Cage’s movies, I sometimes wonder if he’s trying to be funny or he’s trying to perform a serious Oscar role. It’s the same thing with Driver when I watch him act. That’s why they’re very much alike.

Driver maybe out of the picture in season 4 of “Girls” — if so, and if I’m a director, I would put Driver in Cage-like movies. Or, you can just put them in a movie together! That’d be even better. Like a father and son movie. That’d be epic, actually.

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