Fios Users: Mike Francesa’s Returning to Simulcast

As you may know, Mike Francesa will be returning to simulcast, on Fox Sports 1 tomorrow at 1:00 PM.

But, as another thing you already my know, is that Francesa will stay on channel Fox Sports 1 from 1:00-4:00 PM, then move to Fox Sports 2 to finish his show from 4:00-6:30 PM.

So for those Fios customers only, incase you can’t find Fox Sports 2, it’s on channel 198 — Francesa will be on there once his show ends on Fox Sports 1 at 4:00. The only problem is, Fox Sports 2 is not HD. But hopefully it will enhance, soon.

583 is the Fios channel for Fox Sports 1 HD and 198 is the channel for Fox Sports 2, in standard television.

It’s gonna be good to see the big man, back, where he belongs. And I think Fox Sports is doing everything right; not just by signing Francesa (which is huge), but everything else they’re doing is a tremendous job. I love the morning news, and I also love how they have these MLB opening day commercials that gets baseball fans pumped up. They give a damn about all the sports.

UPDATE: Now Fox Sports 2 is on channel 84, on Fios.

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