Bittersweet Season for Knicks Fans

So, I guess a disappointing New York Knick season, could turn out to be a happy ending.

After winning 54-games last year, showing so much hope that the Knicks would never turn into the old bad-news Knicks they use to be. Though, this season was the total opposite. Besides being the second seed team and having over 40-wins like last year, they’re fighting for an 8th spot and could end missing the playoffs. Very frustrating.

As a Knick fan — and I speak for all of us Knick fans — we felt the days of the Knicks missing the playoffs were over. We thought we were gonna be one of those teams that has a chance to make it to the Finals, every year. That ‘hope’ and ‘dream’ began to look like pipe-dream and a tease, this season.

With the rumors and statements Carmelo Anthony gave about his offseason plans, giving indications that he could leave New York, the Knicks’ future was looking good. Some felt that the Knicks were gonna go back to that rut, they use to be in.

Things were looking bad. But who comes out of nowhere…? Who comes back to basketball after being out of coach for a couple of years…? What name returns to the NBA to be the Knicks savior, to bring that west coast shine that’s missing in New York City… Phil Jackson.

When we first started hearing about the Jackson rumors, Knick fans were a little skeptical. Because we didn’t know what was going on. We didn’t know if Jackson was really gonna come all the way from California, to this mess the Knicks organization was building. Or, was he trying to get the Los Angeles Lakers to jump in with more money and offer him the Laker front office job. So we were afraid to believe this fairy tale.

Until today, we really knew he was coming. Until today, we could finally exhale and celebrate this revived to life, as a Knick fan.

Now we can say: There is hope. We can comeback after this dreadful, frustrating season. There’s a chance Anthony could re-sign this offseason.

If the Knicks didn’t bring in Jackson, didn’t re-sign Anthony, had to look for a new coach if they’d fire Woodson — I don’t know what the Knicks’ owner James Dolan would’ve done.

But now with Jackson running things, with a presence like that, coaches and players become interested in playing at the mecca — they all of sudden could see the future and see what it can look like if they won a championship in New York with the Knicks. How big that would be. They want to be a part of that.

So after all, the Knick season doesn’t turn out to be so bad. I mean, I’m still cheering for them to get that 8th seed. But if they don’t make the playoffs, it becomes okay. Because now, what Knick fan isn’t gonna be fascinated this offseason.

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