Wouldn’t Phil Jackson Want to Make History?

As, we still don’t know any official word yet whether Phil Jackson will be joining the New York Knicks front office, there’s feeling around the league that it will get done.

But some feel that this whole thing is about Jackson trying to gain leverage to get more money from the Los Angeles Lakers. And some negative-minded Knick fans feel the same. But what’s so great about Jackson going back to the Lakers?

The only reason Jackson would go back to the Lakers, is so he can make money — not because he really cares about Lakers’ future. An organization that chose Mike D’antoni over him, to coach the team in the middle of last season. That was a basic slap on the face. But to come to New York to work with the Knicks front office, shows he wants to make history and he wants to compete, again.

If Jackson did go back to L.A to run things and wins a championship, again with the Lakers — what would that do? He’s already won with the Lakers, having a brilliant run by winning five championships. For that, he should just stay home – stay retired, or if he did want more money, do something else that’s outside of basketball.

Jackson winning again with the Lakers would be ho-hum. Though winning a ring with the New York Knicks, would be bigger than anything he’s ever done.

Jackson has won six titles with Michael Jordan, five titles with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, and now he’s gotta win the Knicks’ first title since 1973 and win Carmelo Anthony his first ring. Now he’s gotta make Anthony — whose a great player — a greater player.

It’s amazing to think that Jackson who was part of the 1973 Knick championship team, could potentially be a part of the future championship Knick championship team. You can’t script that stuff up. Amazing!

As for Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant who are complaining about Jackson going to the Knicks and upset at the Lakers for not hiring him — shut up! Seriously. Johnson needs to focus on his L.A Dodgers and Bryant needs to focus on his 38-year old body being ready for next season. I love Magic and Kobe, but seriously, jump off. It’s the Knicks time, for gold; you guys had your glory. Let the Knicks FOR ONCE have a chance, here!? Also, give Carmelo Anthony his chance to win a damn ring, after seeing his buddies LeBron James and Dwyane Wade win titles back-to-back like it’s a video game.

Jackson wants to compete with the hottest team, since his Laker championship team, and that’s the Miami Heat. He knows the Knicks — once they’re put together correctly — can go against the Heat and can beat them in the playoffs. He wants to go against the Heat and he wants to go against Pat Riley.

Finding players to replace Kobe Bryant isn’t fun. Finding A PLAYER (or two) to match with Carmelo Anthony, is a challenge.

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