Phil Jackson Could End Up as Knicks Coach

Whoa, where the hell is this Phil Jackson stuff coming from?

Well, you heard two reports concerning the New York Knicks and Phil Jackson. But which one is true?

The first report was that the Knicks offered Jackson a managerial job, but declined. Then, about an hour later when that news broke, another report came out saying Jackson would rather be hired as a front office consultant position, than managing. Saying that he’s done with managing… Or is he?

I have a feeling that this is all about Jackson coming to manage the Knicks.

Why do I feel that way? Because I don’t see Jackson taking a front office job with the Knicks — if he’s gonna be part of management, then I think he’d rather be general manager, instead of some ‘front office consultant’. He’s too big of a name just to do that.

The report about Jackson preferring to be at front office, could be all smokescreen to not distract the Knicks current team and current coach Mike Woodson. The Knicks and James Dolan can’t just talk about hiring a new coach, when the team can still catch the 8th seed and make a late jump in the playoffs.

Dolan trying to hire Jackson is a great move, since Dolan desperately wants to keep Carmelo Anthony in New York. Bringing Jackson in could sure-up Anthony to re-sign.

The Knicks can’t get another big star or get Rajon Rondo this offseason to play alongside Anthony. So you do the next best thing — search for the next great coach. And the Knicks started with the 11-time champion, Zen Master.

So I think all this is about Jackson coming to manage again and with the Knicks. And the report about him wanting to work in the front office could — it could — be a coverup so the Knicks and Woodson won’t be distracted.

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