SNL Fallout: Cast Getting Younger & More Unknown

The best sitcom actor in the game today, Jim Parsons, hosted the newest edition of “Saturday Night Live”; the long awaited SNL, since NBC was covering the Winter Olympics.

To be honest, this felt like the season premier of SNL. That’s how long it felt, SNL was gone for.

But it’s back on track and it’s a very, very new cast, now. With this being the first SNL without Seth Meyers, my ‘Jr. High School SNL days’ are now over! No more Meyers, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis.

The only veterans left are Nasim Pedrad and Kenan Thompson. Taren Killam has been a cast member for a while now, but not as long as Pedrad and Thompson. Not only Thompson has been a part of the SNL family for years, he’s been a part of my life. Counting Nickelodeon’s “All That” and “Kenan & Kel”.

Cool thing is I get to see Meyers and Armisen on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”; which is a fantastic idea to have Armisen as Meyer’s band.


What a perfect open, for Parsons. Since he is the best sitcom, personality – today, it would only be right to have all these other impersonators from past sitcoms join Parsons.

And just like Steve Urkel and George Costanza(my fav), Parson’s character as Sheldon Cooper on the “Big Bang Theory” is gonna be remembered as all-time great.

The Ellen Degeneres Show:

Kate McKinnon is on a role. I told you since the beginning of this season, this is her year.

And what a perfect person to play Johnny Weir.

Dance Floor Killer:

This sketch really opened my eyes for Parsons’ future. I can see him playing dark role like this, either in a movie or series. Just like how Bryan Cranston transform from funny guy to a drug-dealing murderer, Parsons can do the same.

He looked like a real serial killer. If I’m director/producer, I’m taking some ideas from this sketch. Once Parsons finishes with Big Bang, he could do something like this.


Just good, solid sketch. Not the greatest, but just good. One that, you just sit back and have a nice laugh about it.

Also, I’m glad to see Brooks Wheelan get a big role in this.


This is an old school SNL sketch. It’s a perfect improv, standup sketch.

It wasn’t overdone or too artsy; sometimes too artsy, it doesn’t become funny.

I liked how the main idea was Parsons’ character crapping on himself and each joke connected and gave clues to why the elevator smelled. I figured it out pretty quickly.

Welcome to the hood, Colin Jost:

Colin Jost made his debut on the Weekend Update, replacing Seth Meyers. And I…didn’t see anything special from him yet, but it was his first day — must’ve been nervous on his first day, like we all would.

Now Cecily Strong, in her first year at Weekend Update, becomes the pro of Weekend Update, now that she’s sitting next to the rookie Jost.

Going back to Jost, he’s gonna be doing, just, the weekend update. Which is odd to see from a rookie. But I think Colin Quinn, when I remembered back then on SNL, was only an anchor on Weekend Update.

So…I guess Colin is the next Colin. But doesn’t have that Brooklyn swag… Sorry Jost.

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