Spike Lee Situation: Brooklyn Hipsters, or Fake Brooklyn Hipsters?

What a disgrace.

Spike Lee, one of the well known, well respected men, in New York City, has this done to him. Real New Yorkers, or real Brooklynites, wouldn’t have done this to Spike Lee.

If you may have missed what Lee said, he ranted about neighbors who live by his father’s home who lives in a brownstone — that was bought 46 years ago — called the cops on his father, complaining loud music his father makes, since Lee’s father is a professional jazz musician. Lee says, those neighbors just moved in last year and have no right to do that.

That caused Lee to be upset to the way “Brooklyn Hipsters” move into Brooklyn, thinking they can run things and remove the true all-timers and artists of Brooklyn, like his father is.

After that, someone sprayed painted Lee’s home with the letterings “Do The Right Thing” and even BROKE THE WINDOW DOOR to his house… Fucking disgusting.

What Lee said about today’s Brooklyn hipsters, is the truth! And there’s nothing wrong with what he said. NOTHING! Also, what he said about what’s going on with his father’s situation, has nothing to do with Lee’s home and neighbors.

OH MY GOD, WHAT SPIKE LEE SAID WAS SOOOOO HEARTBREAKING! Tough shit! You fucking cowards! Say something on t.v, if you don’t it! Or Tweet about it! Don’t be a fucking coward and trash the guy’s home.

I don’t want to talk bad about the newcomers/hipsters who move to Brooklyn, while I’ve been living in Brooklyn all my life; there’s no reason to; it’s not fair to the good ones. But if you are one of those hipsters who just moved to Brooklyn 4-5 years ago, these people who did this to Lee’s home, make you guys look bad. Because some of these hipsters in my area, are good people. But those cowards, are giving you a bad name.

Some hipsters in Brooklyn are really brining back the art, to NYC. And are making a positive change.

Real Brooklynites don’t do this to Spike Lee. Here in New York City, we respect him. Especially me, whose a big Knicks fan.

Lee can say whatever he wants. He’s lived in Brooklyn long enough to whatever he wants, about how it’s changed.

Sketchy part about this is, how in the hell no one saw what was done on front of Lee’s home? I found that funny. I would like to see some camera footage on what was done on front of his home, please. I hope our good friends the NSA “who keeps us safe” are doing their jobs, here.

And if we don’t see a camera footage, I’m gonna have to pull that ‘R’ word out, which I don’t want to do in the year 2014.

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