Yankees Eyeing Gordon Beckham

Reports are saying that the New York Yankees are looking into purse Chicago White Sox versatile infielder Gordon Beckham.

I’ve always, always liked Beckham. Ever since he come up in 2009, and seeing him kill the Yankees in that one game in 2009.

Beckham some shortstop, but only played the position twice in his career, and those two times where last year. And he came up as a third baseman and hasn’t back to that position since ’09. After that, he primarily became a second baseman.

Can Beckham still play third? I’m sure he can. He played 102 games at third in his first year, in ’09.

I love his offense game; I love his bat. He has quick stroke with the bat. Although, in 103 games played, Beckham only had 5 homeruns and 24 rbi’s last season, while batting .267, with a .322 .OBP. Didn’t have a great season, but I think a change scenery is needed. Beckham did have 16 homeruns and 60 rbi’s in 2012.

Yankees have said they would deal one of their young catchers for Beckham. I would do the same.

Beckham would be a perfect fit in the Bronx.

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