Yankees Sign Bailey: Perfect Signing

The New York Yankees sign 29-year old right-handed relief pitcher Andrew Bailey, to minor-league deal, worth $2.5 million.

It’s a perfect signing. This is exactly what the Yankees were looking for. They wanted a relief pitcher that has closer experience. If Bailey is setting up for David Robertson and Robertson needs a night off, Bailey can close a game.

Although, it looks like he won’t be ready to pitch until mid-May. In July of last year, Bailey had surgery to repair a torn labrum. So unfortunately he won’t be ready for Opening Day.

Well, I guess for us Playstation 4 users, we’ll have Bailey in time for “MLB 14 The Show”, with the video game coming out in May.

Bailey has a good fastball, a good cutter that he can throw inside to batters and get groundballs and pop-up, and can also spot that cutter outside to right-handed hitters, to strike them out looking.

If healthy, Bailey and Robertson can be a lethal pairing in the American League.

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