Michael Jordan & Derek Jeter: Biggest Sports Names in 25-years?

No, I’m not comparing Michael Jordan to Derek Jeter; Jeter is not the ‘Michael Jordan’ of the MLB… I’m not going there, okay! Relax!

BUT, you can’t disagree, or go against, that these are two of the biggest names in sports history for the past 25-years.

Jordan’s name has been big for ages. So has Jeter’s, but obviously not as global of a name as “Michael Jordan”. Really, no sports athlete has a name so well known and powerful, as Michael’s. But “Derek Jeter” is up there with Jordan. I feel like he is.

Jeter is been one of the biggest sports and pop-culture figures in the last two decades. Jeter is well known in the pop-culture world from his dating life with relationships with singers, actresses and models. All of these celebrity gossip shows know who Jeter is. They don’t know who Andy Pettitte, Paul O’Neill, Mark Teixeira, is. And those people on those shows aren’t even into sports.

If you ask a 70-year old who “Michael Jordan” is, they’ll tell you he’s famous basketball player — and that’s all over the world. If you ask a 70-year old in New York City who “Derek Jeter” is, they’ll probably pause, but then answering with: he’s a famous baseball player for the Yankees. If you go to Asia and asked a 70-year old who Jeter is, they most likely won’t know who you’re talking about.

But I still feel that Jeter is well-known and that huge in America.

Jeter and Jordan’s legacy keeps growing with time. 5-year olds today who never seen Jeter and Jordan in their prime, or never seem them playing, but know who they are. That pretty much sums it up right there.

What other sports athletes in this country, or in this world, were/are big figures in the past 20-years? Tiger Woods pops in my head. Tom Brady is another. Kobe Bryant…can’t forget the black mamba.

How do you become a sports figure like this? Because, really, they’re other sports athletes that are better or just as good, but aren’t as well known as a Jordan or Jeter. Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all-time, but Bill Russell is considered as the greatest championship winner in NBA history — and probably certain people in the world know who he is.

The one thing Jeter and Jordan are in, that some players say they were a part of. And that was in dynasty teams. Jeter had won five rings, Jordan six, and have been in a total of thirteen championship games between the two.

To being a sports icon, you have to do two things:

One – win over five championships.

Two – be admirable. And being admirable is not a skill or can be taught. It’s just the nature of people wanting to be like you or liking you, even if you don’t play for the team they root for.

Are there non-Yankee fans who root for Jeter? Yes. When Jeter has his last at-bat at Fenway Park, he’s gonna get a standing ovation. It’s gonna be the biggest and last ovation Red Sox fans will give to a Yankee player.

So is Jeter one of the iconic names in sports history for the past 25-years? Of course! He’s Derek FREAKIN Jeter! But is he no.2, underneath Michael Jordan? I think so.

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