Knicks: Kyle Lowry or Jeff Teague?

And the New York Knicks search for a new point-guard begins………wait, it already begun. The search has begun ever since Jeremy Lin signed with the Houston Rockets.

What you want? Jeff Teague — the Atlanta Hawks guard, that provides speed, defense, youth and explosiveness.


Kyle Lowry — the Toronto Raptors guard whose having a career year, a great perimeter shooter and will be a free agent after this season.

Me personally, I think Lowry is the guy to get. Because, what I heard about Teague is that his contract can ruin things for the Knicks plans in 2015. That’s why I’m leaning toward Lowry.

If this three-team trade rumor is real, then the Knicks have to do it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about: reports came out in the afternoon that the Knicks, Hawks and Raptors discussing a three way deal that would send Teague to the Raptors, Lowry to the Knicks and Iman Shumpert to the Hawks. If that’s true, Knicks HAVE to do this deal.

That’s why I don’t believe, or if it is true, Knicks are gonna have to throw in a draft pick. See, with Teague, they don’t have to give up much — the Hawks just want to get rid of his contract. The Raptors want to get something for Lowry.

But if the Knicks get Teague, he would most definitely becomes an upgrade in the PG position. He’s, really, what the Knicks need. He’s explosive, brings high energy and plays great defense. He kinda reminds me of a young Jason Terry; that same body structure and shooting ability.

Although, Lowry is a better 3-point shooter this season than Teague.

What I like better from Teague than Lowry, is Teague speed. Knicks lack speed and someone who can fastbreak quickly down the court. They don’t have that. Also, Teague is 25-years old; very young — youth is must needed on the Knicks roster.

Whoever it is, between Lowry or Teague, will be an upgrade for the Knicks. They need a point-guard now and fast. They continue to get eaten up in the point-guard spot.

Most importantly, the Knicks need a facilitator in the PG position. Someone who can quarterback the team. Carmelo Anthony can’t QB and score at the same time; there’s only one who can do that and he’s the best player in the world (his name is LeBron James). They need a point-guard who can setup plays, besides just toss the ball Anthony.

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